This is a fantastic, family run provider of high quality pups! We recently brought home a wonderful new member of our family from them. He is a wonderful multicolored Coton de Tulear and he is just awesome! Our vet gave them high praise for how well they took care of the puppies and did the right amount of vaccinations. We highly recommend them for any of their Coton de Tulear Puppies!


Loving Murphy!!! He’s doing so well and growing!


We had a great experience adopting our precious puppy. Thank you!


I would recommend these pups for anybody looking for a pup!! I have a pup from a previous litter and she is awesome! She’s very healthy and extremely smart! She is an extreme joy and was very easy to train!


Riley is doing well and is adjusting. We love him so much! Potty training is going well. He’s quite the clown and loves playing outside with our other dogs. He hates baths but definitely loves the snow! He has a good appetite and I can tell he’s already grown. Everywhere we go everyone loves him. They say he’s the cutest softest puppy they have ever seen. We feel blessed to have him.


He is an adorable pet that will wear almost anything without fuss. We are very blessed to have him as part of our family.


My new puppy Finn is so lovable and so much fun. I’m so glad I have him. Great job making him a good pet!


Beatrice is such a sweet puppy. She has a great personality. You can not go wrong with a puppy from Coton de Tulear Puppies! 💗💗